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Me Tarzan. You Christian Community

I got a question for the Christians of America and by extension, the world: Since when is Satan more innocuous than gay people?
I know why you voted Trump. I know why you like Pence. I know why you voted Republican in the face of a woman who, (yes she might seem like a hawk), had the ability to be swayed for the good of your county. I know why: you wanted to restore what – in your mind is – good, strong Christian Conservative Values to America. Whatever that means. I add that last part in because you (American Theists) also believe things like – it’s okay to carry around as many guns as you like (it's your God-Given and constitutional right) or that climate change isn’t really that much of a thing. It’s like Tina Fey said in one of her Sarah Palin skits, “It’s just God hugging us closer.” Which I USED to chuckle about but honestly… given how you vote… I guess some of you think that too. Of course, the reality is, Christians (like most religions) believe in the end of days and the…

Me Tarzan. You the Electorate

A few points in no actual order; just want to get it off the mind so I can return to STAR WARS and Wonder Woman and such: 1).We need to STOP. Hillary is not the reason that the Democrats lost. DEMOCRATS are the reason democrats lost. I noticed something in our own little petri dish: last election, I know/heard/saw that there were many of the PNM faithful who were non too keen on Master Keith being supreme leader, yet [obviously] at Election Day, they all came together to get out one party and replace it with their own. That tells me that all this nonsense that “if only Bernie had…” is in fact nonsense. You had one chance to build on a legacy where people actually started liking Americans again and you allowed YOUR OWN SELVES to be bitten up and divided; meanwhile the hateful lot banded together IN DROVES to make their point heard… the effects will reverberate throughout the etch-a-sketch in time to come.
2).We NEED to stop. Idealism is great but there’s a level of daftitude (not actu…

Me Tarzan. You Human Problem

In my thirty-something years traveling this terrestrial plane, I have seen the good, bad and exceedingly ugly of religion. All of them. Even I, yes I, have pondered the notion of taking Theism outside, beating it to a pulp and nursing it back to health… the right way. If ever there was a true Biblical statement it is this: no one is good, no not one. One time, I sat down and thought about some of the major and minor travesties inflicted on your world over the years and I could honestly trace a line back to the practitioners of religion. And sometimes, it’s not even the true believers; it’s the jokers who go to temple/mosque/church like ONCE a year for five minutes; these are the ones who snatch upon a thought and have nothing further (and/or solid) to add. It’s very disturbing. … So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that religion and spiritual beliefs are the problem; let’s say that, quite like the appendix or the tonsils, in terms of your evolutionary perspective, religion had it…

Me Tarzan. You... Enough

For the last few days, the topic of child marriage (among other things) have been floating around this rock. and now... i am fed-up. so, i'm writing....

I have seen consenting young adults circumvent the parameters of their religion. One gets pregnant. The resolution (as told by their religious authority): better they get married. It’s not that they didn’t like each other and who knows, maybe marriage was a Year Three Plan but the impending birth of a fresh human forces an acceleration of the timeline. Whether they were THAT invested in each other or not. They were, in fact, not ready for it but, lest they live a life of sin (it’s hard for me not to chuckle at this point), maybe these consenting YOUNG ADULTS should get married. In essence, the punishment for an ill-timed orgasm is marriage.
There’s the other, relatively innocent side to this: consider, two fourteen year olds, who in an act akin to Juno, decides to (mistakenly) explore the awkward, non Disney Channel parts of each ot…

Me Tarzan. You GodBoys

A few years ago, I had this plan to pursue the POSSIBILITY of a relationship with a friend. I got tired trying to figure me out and after much internal squirming... no... ABJECT TERROR, I sent [by text] a this-is-how-I-feel-about-you kind of thing. The terror of course came from different cracks in the mirror but one of them, the one I tell most often to myself and ... whoever, is that I'm a GodBoy. I know what that means.

What that means [AS a GodBoy], is that six months or a year [or several] years later, I'd remember my 'training' or get some kind of divine epiphany and realise that what I was doing was wrong and I'd [painfully] walk away. After all, Christians LOVE a good prodigal son story; still, why drag an innocent into it. Although - full disclosure - I'm more partial/sympathetic/agreeable with/to the OTHER brother in that story; the one who stayed and wondered why the hell would his father spend all his time on the little brat who wasted everything...…

Me Tarzan. You Good

As I started on my way this morning, I had a thought; a question really:
Who's telling the right message: Good or The Practitioners of Good?
[On The Surface] Good's Practitioners say: "To ACCESS Good [and in the process, be made better], you have to let go of that anger, that unresolved series of disappointments; the unforgiveness you feel has to go too." This is the only way, you as a being, will be able to grow/move forward/be whole/be gifted with a new reality. A noble thought 'till you consider where your soul lives.
However, [on the surface] Evil looks at all you have and says: "I can work with that."
There's a scripture [Psalm 34:14] that says, "seek peace and pursue it". I like that line but years ago, I realised that I never truly had to 'seek' the darkness. I live in a high apartment complex. When the elevator goes out and I have to walk up the stairs, I DON'T have to seek fear, it knows where I live. I don't have …