Thursday, November 10, 2016

Me Tarzan. You Christian Community

I got a question for the Christians of America and by extension, the world: Since when is Satan more innocuous than gay people?

I know why you voted Trump. I know why you like Pence. I know why you voted Republican in the face of a woman who, (yes she might seem like a hawk), had the ability to be swayed for the good of your county. I know why: you wanted to restore what – in your mind is – good, strong Christian Conservative Values to America. Whatever that means. I add that last part in because you (American Theists) also believe things like – it’s okay to carry around as many guns as you like (it's your God-Given and constitutional right) or that climate change isn’t really that much of a thing. It’s like Tina Fey said in one of her Sarah Palin skits, “It’s just God hugging us closer.” Which I USED to chuckle about but honestly… given how you vote… I guess some of you think that too. Of course, the reality is, Christians (like most religions) believe in the end of days and the coming Battle of Apocalypse where the Anti will FINALLY be both revealed and destroyed and the JUST shall inherit eternal salvation, so I guess worrying that man-made pollution and general environmental carelessness is not that big a deal because, meh, we’re leaving this show anyways. But anyways, you voted in the Orange One and Co. because you were fed up being taken to court because of gay rights and you got fed up of seeing Planned Parenthood – which BY THE WAY, does not only deal with abortions eh – tell women that they have a right to their own bodies; silly woman, rights are for kids. (and not even,
Sometimes). Fine. Well, not really fine but I can see the motion of your thoughts. So again, fine.

But… I don’t actually recall a single prominent republican rallying his or her troops when the church of satan says they wanted to erect monuments and such in several states. This wasn’t news from a fringe website; this was CNN last year (I believe). I haven’t heard that much of a word from CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN LEADERS. I would’ve thought that part of your Christian right is to denounce any and all things like this because you know, Christianity. It’s like if the followers of Dormammu wanted to erect statues and the Sorcerers sat there because they’re too busy lobbying for oil rights or something. So what you’re telling me is, you can have RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION against gays, women, Muslims and everything but an actual, organized (probably protected under the constitution) religious entity that goes AGAINST the FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS of all Christians… yeh them cool. No big deal.

You know, my mother always said, satan sits in the church, lounging and eating cucumber sandwiches. She is right. You allowed your hatred and fear to bring in more hatred and fear but the things you should be worried about as a Christian, you cool with. I am disturbed. … well this is not news but still… I am disturbed.

Good going America. Ten points on what comes next.

Me Tarzan. You the Electorate

A few points in no actual order; just want to get it off the mind so I can return to STAR WARS and Wonder Woman and such:
1).       We need to STOP. Hillary is not the reason that the Democrats lost. DEMOCRATS are the reason democrats lost. I noticed something in our own little petri dish: last election, I know/heard/saw that there were many of the PNM faithful who were non too keen on Master Keith being supreme leader, yet [obviously] at Election Day, they all came together to get out one party and replace it with their own. That tells me that all this nonsense that “if only Bernie had…” is in fact nonsense. You had one chance to build on a legacy where people actually started liking Americans again and you allowed YOUR OWN SELVES to be bitten up and divided; meanwhile the hateful lot banded together IN DROVES to make their point heard… the effects will reverberate throughout the etch-a-sketch in time to come.

2).       We NEED to stop. Idealism is great but there’s a level of daftitude (not actual word) to it. “Hillary is corrupt”, “Hillary is in the pockets of big business” … yes, all politicians are pure as driven snow. When I think of Hillary, I’m reminded of what Commissioner Jim Gordon said to the young, idealistic Detective in Dark Knight Rises: “There's a point, far out there when the structures fail you, and the rules aren't weapons anymore, they're... shackles letting the bad guy get ahead. One day... you may face such a moment of crisis. And in that moment, I hope you have a friend like I did, to plunge their hands into the filth so that you can keep yours clean!” – that’s Hillary from where I sit. Now I like Mister Sanders; in the words of Lucas Lee, “he seems nice” but I believed that the woman who had 30 plus years in the spotlight, who changed her appearance so that Bill the Phil(anderer) can rise and become who he was, who graciously accepted a key position in the government of the man who defeated her in 2008… she could’ve led that country good. (you believe an actual reporter once told her that it’s because she carried RodHam instead of her married name that Bill lost points when he was a Governor? THAT’S the reason. You believe Arkansas had a problem with her because she was too different and they didn’t feel comfortable with her? Idjots).

3).       Surprise, surprise – religion played a part of this. Only America can rationalize having three and four hunting guns in your house as part of God’s plan for your life. It’s dastardly for me, mind boggling even, that white nationalists and such can claim to be Christians. And yes, Christianity has not always been, nor is it now, a peaceful lot but these are the kind of people you want to attract as “leader of the free world”? Really? But it’s not just the alt-right; the average Republican seems to think that their party is the arm (arm band?) of the Messiah; it isn’t. Just like how the PNM is NOT the voice of God to Trinidad & Tobago. They’re just people. You think every Democrat cares about the LGBT community or blacks/minorities/people – I doubt it, but they seem to have an understanding that humans are humans and should be treated as such. Shall we then, stop acting like the Republicans are the purest form of godliness there is? There are gay Republicans; there are philandering Republicans; there are Republicans who have secretly had an abortion (secret, until it all comes out) so to think/say/act like a Republican led party will bring back “strong morals and values” is an affront to my intelligence since many of you don’t know what that means! And I may not know how old the earth is really but these religious types deny any scientific thought about everything from the age of the earth to the clear and present danger that is climate change. You cannot stand on a pulpit (if the report is true) and say people will go to hell if they don’t vote Trump. How can you accept a man who basically says he’s trying to win the election to get into God’s good books – “It think it’s probably, it may be the only way that I’m going to get to heaven” -

            And listen, there are things I think are nuts; if a cake maker doesn’t want to make your cake because you’re gay, forget him and find another; hell, call Duff – HE delivers. Leave them to their freedom and you live yours. That said, Trump pandering to the religious conservatives because they fear for their “religious freedoms” is also nuts and you Americans bought it!

            It always amazes me when political leaders go to get prayed on by the clergy; do you mean it? Do you care about what it means to be holy or is this just a means to get more votes? What is worse though, is religious heads preying on souls, spiritually blackmailing them to vote one way or another.

4).       Sit back and laugh – that’s what we in T&T may be doing (and certain parts of the world) but really you should cringe and maybe… pray harder. Because guess what? With Trump’s ideologies, how long before local and regional businesses feel the pinch? How long before the ever-expanding suckfest hit us all? But laugh. This doesn’t concern you, right? Guess what hominid, it all concerns you. How will this affect the entertainment industry? During the campaign, Trump was so upset with Saturday Night Live that he wished it could be banned… …. I’m not saying he’ll go full Adam Sutler (V for Vendetta) on you but just think? What happens when Moms against Everything decide that comic books are the devil and conservatives tell President Trump to dip his hand in it? Okay, that sounds far fetched, like really – even for this rant but still, stranger things have happened… oh wait, it did. And now the Oval office is the new Trump Tower.

            I’m going to end now. I’ve ranted enough and lord knows, people don’t read. Have fun in
           this new existence. It should be a fun eight years ahead. Enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Me Tarzan. You Human Problem

In my thirty-something years traveling this terrestrial plane, I have seen the good, bad and exceedingly ugly of religion. All of them. Even I, yes I, have pondered the notion of taking Theism outside, beating it to a pulp and nursing it back to health… the right way. If ever there was a true Biblical statement it is this: no one is good, no not one. One time, I sat down and thought about some of the major and minor travesties inflicted on your world over the years and I could honestly trace a line back to the practitioners of religion. And sometimes, it’s not even the true believers; it’s the jokers who go to temple/mosque/church like ONCE a year for five minutes; these are the ones who snatch upon a thought and have nothing further (and/or solid) to add. It’s very disturbing. … So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that religion and spiritual beliefs are the problem; let’s say that, quite like the appendix or the tonsils, in terms of your evolutionary perspective, religion had its merits in the not so ancient past but really, may not be applicable today. Let’s say that; allow me to speak as you would, for humor’s sake. What that means then, is that the problem becomes YOU. You, the human race. You are the author of your own destruction. Because if something is wrong, steps must be taken to BE BETTER THAN it. 

In a world consumed with sickness and strain, you became better than it and discovered penicillin. Yet time and time again, the human race has proven that it cannot vault itself over religion to BE BETTER than men in robes. I’m not talking about vague spirituality or even outright atheism, I am just saying that perhaps if you collectively strove to be better on/to this planet (YOUR planet), maybe religion wouldn’t have to be a factor whenever one of your species flips a lid. This is where you say, “But Tracy, it is the humans who invoke religion, that is where the trouble lies!” Perhaps. Perhaps not. It is possible to not believe in something and yet NOT protest outside Comic-Con or make asinine statements after a tragedy. But I’ve found this one constant with this race: you become that thing you despise. Thus, instead of coherently, calmly and thoughtfully explaining a way around religion (if there is one) to the religious, you people slap the “truth” into the faith based the very same way they do to you. Or worse, you’ll let “leaders” (politicians) guide you into this thinking. So eye for eye, fire for fire and no one is improved. 

What will it take for you humans to realize how absolutely beautiful you are and how amazing you are; you CAN do better than this. If religion is basically the bane, then you must show the religious HOW to live as ONE if you’re not seeing it within Mosques, Temples or Churches, but you aren’t doing that. So now, another tragedy has eclipsed the media cycle and instead of coming together to BE better, I have to watch you all battle religion vs. non-religion. “Take your book and go!” vs. “It’s divine judgment!”. Neither is the way. …

You know, when Lord Jesus was walking this planet, among the many things He said, there was this nugget: “Be perfect…” (which I’m told basically means, complete) “… as your heavenly father is perfect.”, which tells me, that you humans are so much more or else, you could be (it’s also the reason why I personally despise the phrase, “I’m only human”; it’s like an excuse to act/behave poorly). In this the age of planned missions to mars and the possibility of endless star wars movies, maybe the fault lies not in our stars but in our own selves. Or maybe we should wait for another senseless act. All I’m saying is, instead of pointing fingers maybe we hold hands to figure things out.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Me Tarzan. You... Enough

For the last few days, the topic of child marriage (among other things) have been floating around this rock. and now... i am fed-up. so, i'm writing....

I have seen consenting young adults circumvent the parameters of their religion. One gets pregnant. The resolution (as told by their religious authority): better they get married. It’s not that they didn’t like each other and who knows, maybe marriage was a Year Three Plan but the impending birth of a fresh human forces an acceleration of the timeline. Whether they were THAT invested in each other or not. They were, in fact, not ready for it but, lest they live a life of sin (it’s hard for me not to chuckle at this point), maybe these consenting YOUNG ADULTS should get married. In essence, the punishment for an ill-timed orgasm is marriage.

There’s the other, relatively innocent side to this: consider, two fourteen year olds, who in an act akin to Juno, decides to (mistakenly) explore the awkward, non Disney Channel parts of each other’s anatomy. And since contraception talks are still an issue in some circles…. one gets pregnant and we say, THE BEST option for them (these fourteen year olds) is to get married. …. because clearly, 14 year olds have a better grasp at MARRIAGE. The IRO Three says this will not be done without parental consent but if your religious leader impresses upon you the “right thing” to do, very few parents will say – “rock so nah!” … that would be uncalled for. Now for the very worst-case scenario. WORST CASE SCENARIO: a 20 something finds your 14 year old daughter attractive or some “family friend” interferes with her but perhaps the ingrate has money or is “enterprising” and offers to marry said daughter, will we really allow that? Because, you know, religion. There really is no way that CHILD MARRIAGE in this brave new world, makes sense. And if I were to follow the IRO’s logic that it’s been done for years…. No, actually… I won’t follow the logic. It’s not… happening.

The IRO Three says that this is all a smoke screen; the real issues are abortion and gay rights. So let’s talk about that. I’m a Theist and even though I have tried (I have, I actually and actively have tried) to separate the ME from the abortion issue, I still don’t like it! It… it doesn’t bode well for me at all. Scriptures or non-scriptures. But then again, if any girl had a child for me, I’d be ecstatic! Are you kidding me? A chance to teach this child about STAR WARS?! YES. PLEASE. Not everyone feels like that. Worse, not everyone is given the CHOICE to procreate in peace. When a grown man forces himself on a young girl and her still forming body has to bring a child to term…. She wasn’t given a choice in the matter? She’s supposed to carry around this child because that’s part of some Divine plan? Is that really what you want to tell her? And don’t tell me, “the proponents of abortion have already been born.” Please, that logic is flawed and you (hopefully) should know that. And here’s another scene: what if, a husband and wife are having a baby and complications occur and in a Grey’s anatomy move, you have to choose between saving the mother or the foetus – in essence, abort – what should be done there?! TELL ME, DAMMIT! One of my brothers is Vegan; I know he doesn’t like my carnivorous ways but when my head hurts, he’s there. In the same way, should it… DOES IT matter that I – a religious male – should stand in judgment of a woman or girl who actively needs to abort? Should we have conditional legislation? Extreme cases? Something?!

Okay, so this abused child brings this child to term. She nor her single parent are not fully able to take care of this NEW CHILD. But look! There’s two boys who love each other. They give a little to charity, they pay their taxes, they argue over which nerd house is tops. Oh, but they can’t adopt the child because according to the same archaic laws, they engage in criminal activity. THEY are criminals. So …. There is no release, no escape for this young girl and another cycle begins. These types of things are hard for people like me. I’m Theist but I must be the worst one because I have thoughts. I hypothesize. I think. I wish I could just wave “The Good Book” at people but that’s not even how I was built. Why aren’t we collectively thinking? Why are we letting these goodly people tell us that it’s RIGHT – in any light – to have our kids married because it worked that way for years? And why are these people saying the government should stay out of religion? Where was that gusto when monies were being funneled out?

And while I’m here: Gay rights does not encourage pedophilia. Perverts do that. Just today (20th, May 2016), I saw a post about a man assaulting women in bathrooms, CLAIMING he was transgender. He wasn’t, btw. I tell you, it’s the normals that worry me!

WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL, PEOPLE? You humans have successfully pissed me off so much I had to write a gorfdang three page rant! So to review: child marriage is asinine; abortion should spoken about and gay rights will not encourage women to sleep with a horse. The end

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Me Tarzan. You GodBoys

A few years ago, I had this plan to pursue the POSSIBILITY of a relationship with a friend. I got tired trying to figure me out and after much internal squirming... no... ABJECT TERROR, I sent [by text] a this-is-how-I-feel-about-you kind of thing. The terror of course came from different cracks in the mirror but one of them, the one I tell most often to myself and ... whoever, is that I'm a GodBoy. I know what that means.

What that means [AS a GodBoy], is that six months or a year [or several] years later, I'd remember my 'training' or get some kind of divine epiphany and realise that what I was doing was wrong and I'd [painfully] walk away. After all, Christians LOVE a good prodigal son story; still, why drag an innocent into it. Although - full disclosure - I'm more partial/sympathetic/agreeable with/to the OTHER brother in that story; the one who stayed and wondered why the hell would his father spend all his time on the little brat who wasted everything... and I'm the one who stays.

GodBoys think. well, some actually. Not that it gets them anywhere. With Faith, there is no winning. There is no prize to be had for your intelligence. There is no... understanding that logic CAN win, simply because GodBoys KNOW there is no winning against Faith. Which is not a bad thing. Faith works wonders. And on a [not] cynical level, sheep who accept that they are sheep is perfectly fine as long as they know that their Shepherd protects them. Unfortunately, there is something of a silent epidemic; no one talks about burn out; that moment when a GodBoy asks - "what is the point?" and "am I truly THAT evil that we must not FEEL secure/loved... SECURE?". you know, burn out. And you're not technically supposed to say that; it's understood. I mean, you read Biblical stories and hear of good pastors/leaders who have said to God, "enough!" but even King David got up and spoke to his soul... and wrote some psalms. so CLEARLY you're meant to do the same. After all, you are a GodBoy; you KNOW the ropes. this is the war. this is what you signed up for.

SIDE BAR: Just to be clear, "GodBoys" are a unisex term for me; you could be a girl and still a GodBoy.

So what though, IS a GodBoy? Well obviously someone who has had a relationship with God but also, maybe it's that kid who grew up in church; not "went" to church but actually GREW UP... IN CHURCH. Questioning realities, studying the meaning of things, trying to figure out what it all means... silently getting fed up of church people. These are all signs of a GodBoy [in flux].

A GodBoy hypothesizes and ponders and postulates. Okay, I do that. But in the context of "working out your own salvation", you have to ask and understand what's out there, what are you doing and WHY are you doing it. Which leads us to the moment of wanting to slap religious people six ways... no, seven ways to Sunday every time you read a post or hear something that sounds like it has no intelligence to it!

And it's not to say, you don't love God. Let's get it clear, I love my God; it's His followers that irk the high heaven out of me. The glib answers, the one-solution-for-all responses or my new personal favourite, "I don't really care."

It clicked for me recently. I've been hearing this for years but it recently registered! You'd hear Christians say, "I don't really care what you've been through, just PRAISE HIM!" And I get it, what you're saying is - "even though all seems lost/hopeless, forget about what bogs you down and give Him what is due; do like Peter and keep your eyes on Him. But also don't be like Peter and watch the tossing waves.". understood. But the glib, "I don't care" is infuriating because, guess what, I CARE. I care that my body aches and my mind often feels unsure. I care that my mother holds out for miracles and right now, I don't know. I care that I gave up one relationship, moved away from another and never pursued a third because I'm trying to BE and yet... here we are. I care.

I care that Christians don't seem to be able to walk out of their bubble to see if ANY MERIT can be had from the other's point of view. I care that some of these said Christians are more abominable in ways... look, I care.

I started to think my life was the way it is because of my arrogance [a thing God despises]. As a GodBoy, I understand the need to be humble and contrite/broken before the Lord; He is greater, you're not. But one morning, as I walked around in tears, I said to myself:
a). I will not cry anymore to give God, the devil, the universe, anyone, that satisfaction
b). humble and broken? but also, I'm "seated in heavenly places"? religion, pick one!
I chose the latter [in a way]. Now, I ponder about my decisions in life. GodBoys, a true GodBoy questions everything, searches everything... even if:
a). it leads him back to "Faith is all" and
b). even if it's painful. This life can be painful.
Painful because you read and think and postulate while the rest are happy to sing smurf's theme with a blindfold on their eyes... but this could be wrong... it could all be burnout.

Talk to your GodBoys about burn out. Ask your lights to honestly tell you how drained they are; ask them what they think their reward is for their... self flagellation of the mental sort. ....

Honestly, this isn't the GodBoy article I thought I'd write but we're everywhere, smiling and being smiled at. I think you should know.
#nomoral #justwords #pax

Monday, January 25, 2016

Me Tarzan. You Good

As I started on my way this morning, I had a thought; a question really:
Who's telling the right message: Good or The Practitioners of Good?

[On The Surface] Good's Practitioners say: "To ACCESS Good [and in the process, be made better], you have to let go of that anger, that unresolved series of disappointments; the unforgiveness you feel has to go too." This is the only way, you as a being, will be able to grow/move forward/be whole/be gifted with a new reality. A noble thought 'till you consider where your soul lives.

However, [on the surface] Evil looks at all you have and says: "I can work with that."

There's a scripture [Psalm 34:14] that says, "seek peace and pursue it". I like that line but years ago, I realised that I never truly had to 'seek' the darkness. I live in a high apartment complex. When the elevator goes out and I have to walk up the stairs, I DON'T have to seek fear, it knows where I live. I don't have to seek the anger or the doubt, it's there. Peace and Goodness however, is a process, work... climbing the steep mountain of Nanda Parbat. And I accept that I CAN be quite lazy but there it is.

Now I can and have rationalised the process through the eyes of religion [that's where most practitioners dwell; in some form]. Most religious texts will tell you that the human race is inherently vile; we're born with a predisposition to be evil, callous or straight up wicked thus it is a process to cull it. You have to work on and out your own salvation... daily.... no matter how tight you are with God. This is what the Practitioners of Good will tell you.

Interestingly enough, GOOD ITSELF says: "Come as you are. Come with what you got. I can work with that." To put it in a Biblical sense, "Come let us reason together; though your sins are as scarlet, you will be white as snow." [Isaiah 1:18] In essence, "Leh we talk nuh, just come." Thus, negating the need to pretty one's self before getting to GOOD.

I mean make no mistake, both sides [Good and Evil] incur a cost, I'm just asking, which is it? Come or Come Clean FIRST [knowing fully well that I may not be that clean at all].

Who has the right message? GOOD or the Practitioners of Good?