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Me Tarzan. You... Enough

For the last few days, the topic of child marriage (among other things) have been floating around this rock. and now... i am fed-up. so, i'm writing....

I have seen consenting young adults circumvent the parameters of their religion. One gets pregnant. The resolution (as told by their religious authority): better they get married. It’s not that they didn’t like each other and who knows, maybe marriage was a Year Three Plan but the impending birth of a fresh human forces an acceleration of the timeline. Whether they were THAT invested in each other or not. They were, in fact, not ready for it but, lest they live a life of sin (it’s hard for me not to chuckle at this point), maybe these consenting YOUNG ADULTS should get married. In essence, the punishment for an ill-timed orgasm is marriage.

There’s the other, relatively innocent side to this: consider, two fourteen year olds, who in an act akin to Juno, decides to (mistakenly) explore the awkward, non Disney Channel parts of each other’s anatomy. And since contraception talks are still an issue in some circles…. one gets pregnant and we say, THE BEST option for them (these fourteen year olds) is to get married. …. because clearly, 14 year olds have a better grasp at MARRIAGE. The IRO Three says this will not be done without parental consent but if your religious leader impresses upon you the “right thing” to do, very few parents will say – “rock so nah!” … that would be uncalled for. Now for the very worst-case scenario. WORST CASE SCENARIO: a 20 something finds your 14 year old daughter attractive or some “family friend” interferes with her but perhaps the ingrate has money or is “enterprising” and offers to marry said daughter, will we really allow that? Because, you know, religion. There really is no way that CHILD MARRIAGE in this brave new world, makes sense. And if I were to follow the IRO’s logic that it’s been done for years…. No, actually… I won’t follow the logic. It’s not… happening.

The IRO Three says that this is all a smoke screen; the real issues are abortion and gay rights. So let’s talk about that. I’m a Theist and even though I have tried (I have, I actually and actively have tried) to separate the ME from the abortion issue, I still don’t like it! It… it doesn’t bode well for me at all. Scriptures or non-scriptures. But then again, if any girl had a child for me, I’d be ecstatic! Are you kidding me? A chance to teach this child about STAR WARS?! YES. PLEASE. Not everyone feels like that. Worse, not everyone is given the CHOICE to procreate in peace. When a grown man forces himself on a young girl and her still forming body has to bring a child to term…. She wasn’t given a choice in the matter? She’s supposed to carry around this child because that’s part of some Divine plan? Is that really what you want to tell her? And don’t tell me, “the proponents of abortion have already been born.” Please, that logic is flawed and you (hopefully) should know that. And here’s another scene: what if, a husband and wife are having a baby and complications occur and in a Grey’s anatomy move, you have to choose between saving the mother or the foetus – in essence, abort – what should be done there?! TELL ME, DAMMIT! One of my brothers is Vegan; I know he doesn’t like my carnivorous ways but when my head hurts, he’s there. In the same way, should it… DOES IT matter that I – a religious male – should stand in judgment of a woman or girl who actively needs to abort? Should we have conditional legislation? Extreme cases? Something?!

Okay, so this abused child brings this child to term. She nor her single parent are not fully able to take care of this NEW CHILD. But look! There’s two boys who love each other. They give a little to charity, they pay their taxes, they argue over which nerd house is tops. Oh, but they can’t adopt the child because according to the same archaic laws, they engage in criminal activity. THEY are criminals. So …. There is no release, no escape for this young girl and another cycle begins. These types of things are hard for people like me. I’m Theist but I must be the worst one because I have thoughts. I hypothesize. I think. I wish I could just wave “The Good Book” at people but that’s not even how I was built. Why aren’t we collectively thinking? Why are we letting these goodly people tell us that it’s RIGHT – in any light – to have our kids married because it worked that way for years? And why are these people saying the government should stay out of religion? Where was that gusto when monies were being funneled out?

And while I’m here: Gay rights does not encourage pedophilia. Perverts do that. Just today (20th, May 2016), I saw a post about a man assaulting women in bathrooms, CLAIMING he was transgender. He wasn’t, btw. I tell you, it’s the normals that worry me!

WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL, PEOPLE? You humans have successfully pissed me off so much I had to write a gorfdang three page rant! So to review: child marriage is asinine; abortion should spoken about and gay rights will not encourage women to sleep with a horse. The end


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