Thursday, November 10, 2016

Me Tarzan. You Christian Community

I got a question for the Christians of America and by extension, the world: Since when is Satan more innocuous than gay people?

I know why you voted Trump. I know why you like Pence. I know why you voted Republican in the face of a woman who, (yes she might seem like a hawk), had the ability to be swayed for the good of your county. I know why: you wanted to restore what – in your mind is – good, strong Christian Conservative Values to America. Whatever that means. I add that last part in because you (American Theists) also believe things like – it’s okay to carry around as many guns as you like (it's your God-Given and constitutional right) or that climate change isn’t really that much of a thing. It’s like Tina Fey said in one of her Sarah Palin skits, “It’s just God hugging us closer.” Which I USED to chuckle about but honestly… given how you vote… I guess some of you think that too. Of course, the reality is, Christians (like most religions) believe in the end of days and the coming Battle of Apocalypse where the Anti will FINALLY be both revealed and destroyed and the JUST shall inherit eternal salvation, so I guess worrying that man-made pollution and general environmental carelessness is not that big a deal because, meh, we’re leaving this show anyways. But anyways, you voted in the Orange One and Co. because you were fed up being taken to court because of gay rights and you got fed up of seeing Planned Parenthood – which BY THE WAY, does not only deal with abortions eh – tell women that they have a right to their own bodies; silly woman, rights are for kids. (and not even,
Sometimes). Fine. Well, not really fine but I can see the motion of your thoughts. So again, fine.

But… I don’t actually recall a single prominent republican rallying his or her troops when the church of satan says they wanted to erect monuments and such in several states. This wasn’t news from a fringe website; this was CNN last year (I believe). I haven’t heard that much of a word from CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN LEADERS. I would’ve thought that part of your Christian right is to denounce any and all things like this because you know, Christianity. It’s like if the followers of Dormammu wanted to erect statues and the Sorcerers sat there because they’re too busy lobbying for oil rights or something. So what you’re telling me is, you can have RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION against gays, women, Muslims and everything but an actual, organized (probably protected under the constitution) religious entity that goes AGAINST the FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS of all Christians… yeh them cool. No big deal.

You know, my mother always said, satan sits in the church, lounging and eating cucumber sandwiches. She is right. You allowed your hatred and fear to bring in more hatred and fear but the things you should be worried about as a Christian, you cool with. I am disturbed. … well this is not news but still… I am disturbed.

Good going America. Ten points on what comes next.

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