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Me Tarzan. You the Electorate

A few points in no actual order; just want to get it off the mind so I can return to STAR WARS and Wonder Woman and such:
1).       We need to STOP. Hillary is not the reason that the Democrats lost. DEMOCRATS are the reason democrats lost. I noticed something in our own little petri dish: last election, I know/heard/saw that there were many of the PNM faithful who were non too keen on Master Keith being supreme leader, yet [obviously] at Election Day, they all came together to get out one party and replace it with their own. That tells me that all this nonsense that “if only Bernie had…” is in fact nonsense. You had one chance to build on a legacy where people actually started liking Americans again and you allowed YOUR OWN SELVES to be bitten up and divided; meanwhile the hateful lot banded together IN DROVES to make their point heard… the effects will reverberate throughout the etch-a-sketch in time to come.

2).       We NEED to stop. Idealism is great but there’s a level of daftitude (not actual word) to it. “Hillary is corrupt”, “Hillary is in the pockets of big business” … yes, all politicians are pure as driven snow. When I think of Hillary, I’m reminded of what Commissioner Jim Gordon said to the young, idealistic Detective in Dark Knight Rises: “There's a point, far out there when the structures fail you, and the rules aren't weapons anymore, they're... shackles letting the bad guy get ahead. One day... you may face such a moment of crisis. And in that moment, I hope you have a friend like I did, to plunge their hands into the filth so that you can keep yours clean!” – that’s Hillary from where I sit. Now I like Mister Sanders; in the words of Lucas Lee, “he seems nice” but I believed that the woman who had 30 plus years in the spotlight, who changed her appearance so that Bill the Phil(anderer) can rise and become who he was, who graciously accepted a key position in the government of the man who defeated her in 2008… she could’ve led that country good. (you believe an actual reporter once told her that it’s because she carried RodHam instead of her married name that Bill lost points when he was a Governor? THAT’S the reason. You believe Arkansas had a problem with her because she was too different and they didn’t feel comfortable with her? Idjots).

3).       Surprise, surprise – religion played a part of this. Only America can rationalize having three and four hunting guns in your house as part of God’s plan for your life. It’s dastardly for me, mind boggling even, that white nationalists and such can claim to be Christians. And yes, Christianity has not always been, nor is it now, a peaceful lot but these are the kind of people you want to attract as “leader of the free world”? Really? But it’s not just the alt-right; the average Republican seems to think that their party is the arm (arm band?) of the Messiah; it isn’t. Just like how the PNM is NOT the voice of God to Trinidad & Tobago. They’re just people. You think every Democrat cares about the LGBT community or blacks/minorities/people – I doubt it, but they seem to have an understanding that humans are humans and should be treated as such. Shall we then, stop acting like the Republicans are the purest form of godliness there is? There are gay Republicans; there are philandering Republicans; there are Republicans who have secretly had an abortion (secret, until it all comes out) so to think/say/act like a Republican led party will bring back “strong morals and values” is an affront to my intelligence since many of you don’t know what that means! And I may not know how old the earth is really but these religious types deny any scientific thought about everything from the age of the earth to the clear and present danger that is climate change. You cannot stand on a pulpit (if the report is true) and say people will go to hell if they don’t vote Trump. How can you accept a man who basically says he’s trying to win the election to get into God’s good books – “It think it’s probably, it may be the only way that I’m going to get to heaven” -

            And listen, there are things I think are nuts; if a cake maker doesn’t want to make your cake because you’re gay, forget him and find another; hell, call Duff – HE delivers. Leave them to their freedom and you live yours. That said, Trump pandering to the religious conservatives because they fear for their “religious freedoms” is also nuts and you Americans bought it!

            It always amazes me when political leaders go to get prayed on by the clergy; do you mean it? Do you care about what it means to be holy or is this just a means to get more votes? What is worse though, is religious heads preying on souls, spiritually blackmailing them to vote one way or another.

4).       Sit back and laugh – that’s what we in T&T may be doing (and certain parts of the world) but really you should cringe and maybe… pray harder. Because guess what? With Trump’s ideologies, how long before local and regional businesses feel the pinch? How long before the ever-expanding suckfest hit us all? But laugh. This doesn’t concern you, right? Guess what hominid, it all concerns you. How will this affect the entertainment industry? During the campaign, Trump was so upset with Saturday Night Live that he wished it could be banned… …. I’m not saying he’ll go full Adam Sutler (V for Vendetta) on you but just think? What happens when Moms against Everything decide that comic books are the devil and conservatives tell President Trump to dip his hand in it? Okay, that sounds far fetched, like really – even for this rant but still, stranger things have happened… oh wait, it did. And now the Oval office is the new Trump Tower.

            I’m going to end now. I’ve ranted enough and lord knows, people don’t read. Have fun in
           this new existence. It should be a fun eight years ahead. Enjoy the ride.


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