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Me Tarzan. You Good

As I started on my way this morning, I had a thought; a question really:
Who's telling the right message: Good or The Practitioners of Good?

[On The Surface] Good's Practitioners say: "To ACCESS Good [and in the process, be made better], you have to let go of that anger, that unresolved series of disappointments; the unforgiveness you feel has to go too." This is the only way, you as a being, will be able to grow/move forward/be whole/be gifted with a new reality. A noble thought 'till you consider where your soul lives.

However, [on the surface] Evil looks at all you have and says: "I can work with that."

There's a scripture [Psalm 34:14] that says, "seek peace and pursue it". I like that line but years ago, I realised that I never truly had to 'seek' the darkness. I live in a high apartment complex. When the elevator goes out and I have to walk up the stairs, I DON'T have to seek fear, it knows where I live. I don't have to seek the anger or the doubt, it's there. Peace and Goodness however, is a process, work... climbing the steep mountain of Nanda Parbat. And I accept that I CAN be quite lazy but there it is.

Now I can and have rationalised the process through the eyes of religion [that's where most practitioners dwell; in some form]. Most religious texts will tell you that the human race is inherently vile; we're born with a predisposition to be evil, callous or straight up wicked thus it is a process to cull it. You have to work on and out your own salvation... daily.... no matter how tight you are with God. This is what the Practitioners of Good will tell you.

Interestingly enough, GOOD ITSELF says: "Come as you are. Come with what you got. I can work with that." To put it in a Biblical sense, "Come let us reason together; though your sins are as scarlet, you will be white as snow." [Isaiah 1:18] In essence, "Leh we talk nuh, just come." Thus, negating the need to pretty one's self before getting to GOOD.

I mean make no mistake, both sides [Good and Evil] incur a cost, I'm just asking, which is it? Come or Come Clean FIRST [knowing fully well that I may not be that clean at all].

Who has the right message? GOOD or the Practitioners of Good?



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