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Me Tarzan. You Human Problem

In my thirty-something years traveling this terrestrial plane, I have seen the good, bad and exceedingly ugly of religion. All of them. Even I, yes I, have pondered the notion of taking Theism outside, beating it to a pulp and nursing it back to health… the right way. If ever there was a true Biblical statement it is this: no one is good, no not one. One time, I sat down and thought about some of the major and minor travesties inflicted on your world over the years and I could honestly trace a line back to the practitioners of religion. And sometimes, it’s not even the true believers; it’s the jokers who go to temple/mosque/church like ONCE a year for five minutes; these are the ones who snatch upon a thought and have nothing further (and/or solid) to add. It’s very disturbing. … So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that religion and spiritual beliefs are the problem; let’s say that, quite like the appendix or the tonsils, in terms of your evolutionary perspective, religion had its merits in the not so ancient past but really, may not be applicable today. Let’s say that; allow me to speak as you would, for humor’s sake. What that means then, is that the problem becomes YOU. You, the human race. You are the author of your own destruction. Because if something is wrong, steps must be taken to BE BETTER THAN it. 

In a world consumed with sickness and strain, you became better than it and discovered penicillin. Yet time and time again, the human race has proven that it cannot vault itself over religion to BE BETTER than men in robes. I’m not talking about vague spirituality or even outright atheism, I am just saying that perhaps if you collectively strove to be better on/to this planet (YOUR planet), maybe religion wouldn’t have to be a factor whenever one of your species flips a lid. This is where you say, “But Tracy, it is the humans who invoke religion, that is where the trouble lies!” Perhaps. Perhaps not. It is possible to not believe in something and yet NOT protest outside Comic-Con or make asinine statements after a tragedy. But I’ve found this one constant with this race: you become that thing you despise. Thus, instead of coherently, calmly and thoughtfully explaining a way around religion (if there is one) to the religious, you people slap the “truth” into the faith based the very same way they do to you. Or worse, you’ll let “leaders” (politicians) guide you into this thinking. So eye for eye, fire for fire and no one is improved. 

What will it take for you humans to realize how absolutely beautiful you are and how amazing you are; you CAN do better than this. If religion is basically the bane, then you must show the religious HOW to live as ONE if you’re not seeing it within Mosques, Temples or Churches, but you aren’t doing that. So now, another tragedy has eclipsed the media cycle and instead of coming together to BE better, I have to watch you all battle religion vs. non-religion. “Take your book and go!” vs. “It’s divine judgment!”. Neither is the way. …

You know, when Lord Jesus was walking this planet, among the many things He said, there was this nugget: “Be perfect…” (which I’m told basically means, complete) “… as your heavenly father is perfect.”, which tells me, that you humans are so much more or else, you could be (it’s also the reason why I personally despise the phrase, “I’m only human”; it’s like an excuse to act/behave poorly). In this the age of planned missions to mars and the possibility of endless star wars movies, maybe the fault lies not in our stars but in our own selves. Or maybe we should wait for another senseless act. All I’m saying is, instead of pointing fingers maybe we hold hands to figure things out.



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